Jellyfish Benefits

About Jellyfish

Jellyfish is the ultimate agile cyber-security platform. Designed to evolve with you, Jellyfish uses future-focused technology to close the gaps in your security architecture. Jellyfish mitigates risks and improves auditing and compliance.

Jellyfish creates a symbiotic ecosystem across disparate systems, evolving with your organisational needs. Jellyfish can integrate legacy systems, BYO applications, devices, users, and credentials. This provides cross-organisational visibility with granular control.

Jellyfish provides the secure resources for agility and control decisions.

Jellyfish Benefits

Jellyfish is responsive. It provides organisations with an access control system that adapts to changes in organisational architecture and personnel flow.  The integration of these services reduces the exposure to risks related to access, responsive provisioning and de-provisioning. Jellyfish provides system monitoring and integration of physical and logical measures. This ensures enterprise efficiency and security.

Take Advantage of New Technology

New devices and software

Jellyfish uses the latest in cyber technology to eliminate vulnerabilities and deliver the highest quality service to our clients.

Developing encryption and security protocols

Jellyfish provides protection and encryption for data in transit and at rest.

Enhanced support for new threat protection

Jellyfish is a dynamic platform that watches for new and evolving threats.

Advances in cloud security protection

Traditional security tools cannot optimally protect an organisations data in the cloud. Jellyfish stays ahead of the curve on cloud security.

Enhanced authentication and identity solutions

Jellyfish creates seamless and airtight identity authentication.

Improved Security

Seamless secure authentication

Jellyfish allows for multiple types of credentials and automates the provisioning and deprovisioning process.

Manage all your credentials in one place


Jellyfish monitors for new and evolving threats to your organisation.

Enhanced device authentication translation
Greater dynamic context decisions
More effective relationship management

Improved data

Systems are able to:

  • Share data across systems seamlessly.
  • Leverage contextual information for dynamic decision making.
  • Leverage relationships for better sharing and decision making

Improved Efficiencies

Automation of tasks

Provisioning and deprovisioning of apps and accounts occurs automatically.

Reduction of adminstration burden

The automation of administration tasks reduces the workload on system administrators.

Cost reduction

Human capital and physical capital required to manage access rights reduces significantly, resulting in a fall in costs.

Automation of changes across your network

Devices across your entire organisational infrastructure communicate with each other, therefore changes apply automatically.


Add and remove resources from a single point across multiple applications and services.

Modular architechture

Purchase and plug-in modules you need, only pay for what you need!

Works with existing systems

Extend the life of existing systems without reducing capability.

Replace multiple systems

Replace backend systems at any time.

Seamless transition

Choose new solutions without affecting users.