Digital Hardware Security

Cogito’s Digital Hardware Security

Cogito Group offer digital security hardware and software products. We partner with leading international hardware providers to ensure we deliver the best possible product solutions. We tailor all solutions to the needs of each individual client.

Hardware Security Modules

A Hardware Security Module (HSM) is a dedicated crypto processor. HSM’s are tamper-resistant devices that protect the crypto key life cycle.

HSMs act as trust anchors. They protect some of the most security-conscious organisations in the world. HSM’s do this by managing, processing, and storing cryptographic keys.

Digital security hardware like Hardware Security Modules aid in securing data from end to end.

The government standard for HSM configuration is FIPS 140-2 Level 3.

What do Hardware Security Modules do?

Secure Protection

HSMs protect transactions, identities and applications.

Secure Keys

HSMs secure cryptographic keys.

Provide Encryption

HSMs provision encryption, decryption, authentication, and digital signing services for a wide range of applications.

Our Hardware Security Products

Hardware Security Modules

Our Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) are designed to protect your cryptographic keys. We partner with the best HSM providers to ensure your data remains safe no matter where it is. Our HSMs are configured to the FIPs 140-2 standard in accordance with NIST requirements.

Security Tokens

Our security tokens allow you to improve overall organisational security posture. We provide tokens offering MFA and 2FA that communicate with physical and logical access systems.


A smartcard is a plastic card with an embedded chip, designed for the purpose of processing data. When combined with a smartcard-enhanced system, these cards augment organisational security posture.

Card Readers

Our card readers can be incorporated into Access Control systems to allow authenticated credentials through the door, and into logical systems.

Secure USB Keys

Cogito Group provide leading smart cards, smart card readers, USB and OTP tokens. These are designed to future-proof organisational security and provide strong authentication. Our security tokens aid in data loss prevention, and compliance to governmental security directives, including growing demands for qualified digital signatures.

Secure SANs

We use a combination of processes and technology to ensure secure SANs across our client organisations.


Our firewall products deliver traditional protection. Our secure storage options allow for a greater level of data assurance and protection, wherever that equipment may be located.