Specialised Hardware Services

Specialised Hardware Services 

Cogito’s Specialised Hardware Services provide full hardware solutions for your organisation. We offer operator training, remote administration and support, integration and onsite HSM deployment. We partner with leading international hardware providers to ensure we deliver product solutions that are tailored to the needs of the client.


Our Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) are designed to protect your cryptographic keys. We support and supply HSM equipment from multiple vendors and have one of the largest ranges to meet any needs. We can supply and support HSMs  that are certified to the FIPs 140-2 standard in accordance with NIST requirements. We’re now welcoming equipment that has FIPS 140-3 validation as well. Our HSMs provide a high level of protection for transactions, identities and applications by securing cryptographic keys and provisioning encryption, decryption, authentication and digital signing services. Performance is enhanced through a larger transactional throughput. HSMs are specifically designed to be resistant to both physical and logical attacks, and to not leak sensitive information, as described in the FIPS Security Policy. We can even provided HSMs as a Service HSMaaS and a HSM backed Key Management as a Service (KMaaS).


A smartcard is a plastic card with an embedded chip, designed for the purpose of processing data. When combined with a smartcard-enhanced system, these cards augment organisational security posture. Smartcards provide higher levels of security than traditional network access solutions and are often used as a replacement for traditional physical access control methods.One smartcard can replace numerous keys, logical tokens, cards and PIN entry systems. These cards can be used in the physical world for access to printers, locker systems and physical access control systems that control office entry barriers, doors or gates. They can also be used to increase the security of the logical systems such as computers and mobile phones. Smartcards can also support other use cases such as storage of biometric information, ePurse applications, etc.

Card Readers

Our card readers can be incorporated into Access Control systems to allow authenticated credentials through the door, and into logical systems. These come in a number of form factors that can be combined together in some cases. These include contactless, contact, biometric read and PIN entry.

Security Tokens

Our security tokens allow you to improve overall organisational security posture. We provide tokens offering MFA/2FA that communicate with physical and logical access systems.

Mobile Devices

Cogito support mobile devices for the storage and use of digital credentials. Our mobile application supports certificates generation, storage and use. The included MFA tool allows TOTP and HOTP to be supported in place of other applications.

Secure USB Keys

Cogito Group provide leading smart cards, smart card readers, USB and OTP tokens. These are designed to future-proof organisational security and provide strong authentication. Our security tokens aid in data loss prevention, and compliance to governmental security directives, including growing demands for qualified digital signatures.


Our firewall products deliver traditional protection. Our secure storage options allow for a greater level of data assurance and protection, wherever that equipment may be located.