About Cogito Group

Who are we?

Established in 2011, Cogito Group provides managed cyber security solutions for both federal and private organisations providing critical infrastructure across Australia, New Zealand, and the rest of the world.

Our managed cyber security solutions include: Digital Identity, Systems Integration, and authentication solutions including the integration of PACS and LACS.

Cogito Group has produced award-winning cyber security solutions for our clients. Our clients trust us to aid them in their digital transformation journeys. We secure organisations against fraud and breaches, trusted insider threats, governance and compliance, aid in accelerated growth via security, and help with securing the technological chain of trust.

Our products are designed to adapt to a changing cyber security threat landscape. We design with agility in mind to future-proof the organisations we work with. Our flagship product Jellyfish® is designed as an integrated, cohesive stack that can be used to address a single security pain point, or built upon to produce a secure ecosystem across an organisation.

Authentication Solutions

We make sure you only let the right users and devices in. Our solutions are designed for Web, mobile, and BYOD. We give you precision control over which endpoints access your information.

Data Integrity Services

We protect the reliability, accuracy, and timeliness of critical information. Using our applications means your information cannot be changed without detection.

Non-Repudiation Solutions

We provide solutions to ensure governance and compliance needs are met. We offer non-repudiation through our services. Our customers trust us to create a security framework that ensures authenticity within communications.

Confidentiality Solutions

We’ll provide you with best of breed technology that encrypts your information into a format incomprehensible to attackers.

Our Values

While helping customers achieve their unique business objectives, Cogito Group and our staff have a shared set of core values.


We’re a clever business with clever people that keeps up to date with new and emerging technologies.


We’re astute with technology and this shows our clients we are able to deliver on time, within budget.


We’re a creative business. We think outside the square. We want to explore new ideas and put our own mark on how to best deliver solutions.

Our Clients

Australian Information Industry Association

Cogito Group are members of the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA).  We were asked to participate in a member insight video for AIIA which will inform you about Cogito Group and share some insights of things that matter to us.

Australian Export Awards

Cogito Group were honored to be national finalists in the 54th Australian Export Awards (Business Services category) in 2016. The Australian Export Awards put together a short clip to give you a brief overview of Cogito Group.


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