Identity Management Solutions


What is IdAM?

Identity and Access Management ensures that the people on your network are who they say they are. Administrators use identity management systems to manage access privilege across organisations. Comprehensive identity management solutions enable full identity life cycle management. In other words, this allows automated updates to a digital identity as an employee moves through environments.

Also, identity management systems reduce the risk of internal and external breaches across organisations. Cogito Group can aid in the development and implementation of access management policies.

Employees commit 60% of all data breaches

75% of these breaches are malicious

25% are due to poor access managment

Source: IBM’s 2016 Cyber Security Intelligence Index


Our IdAM systems provide the basis to collect identity information and attributes.


Within the system, Identity information is managed across modules. This allows you to provision and deprovision for common applications.


Information is synchronised across disparate systems into an integrated system, offering a higher level of organisational visibility.


Layers of Security with Just One Tool

Cogito Group’s Jellyfish is a complete and integrated cyber security platform which:

  • Offers the cost benefits of a cloud service
  • Increases productivity of resources
  • Improves transparency through monitoring, auditing, reporting of security breaches
  • Highly scalable through a customised modular approach
  • Automated workflows
  • Reduces management efforts

Evolvium Midpoint

Oracle Identity Manager

Sailpoint Identity IQ

LDAP Repositories (AD, ADAM, AD LDS)


ForgeRock Identity Platform and Access Management Platform

Identity Access Management as a Service


Identity is the new security perimeter, and our IdAM as a Service will ensure the security of both internal network and company resources. A high adjustability makes this open solution suitable for large variety of organizations.

Management of identities is a complex process which involves many technological aspects such as synchronization, connectors or attribute mapping. However, an advanced solution has to cover not only technological part of requirements, but also the business one in a form of processes, rules and policies as well. Both of these closely cooperating parts – identity management and identity governance – create one complete solution. Cogito’s IdAM as a Service is based on Midpoint, an open identity & organisation management and governance platform designed to cover both technological and business requirements of the organization. It will help your organisation with Identity Management and centralize the usage.

Cogito’s IdAM as a Service is built from Midpoint which has many satisfied clients from telco, insurance, scientific, financial, governmental or educational field and is used in many countries all over the world.

Identity governance helps achieve high information security by controlling the use, storage, and sharing of identity information. It allows defining, enforcing, auditing, and reviewing policies for exchanging information between systems, lowering risk and threats.

Organisational structure delegates identity management tasks to administrators and designates managers of organisational units. It can synchronize the structure from HR or other sources and supports various types of organisation structures.


The audit trail records every external change and includes metadata for easy access. It can be used as a source of data for other systems such as SIEM, data warehouse, and reporting engines.

This feature allows for selected actions to be postponed until they are approved by the appropriate authority. The workflow actions include creation, update, enabling, disabling or deletion. The approval process may involve multiple approvers, including organisation units or roles.

Entitlement Management grants, resolves, and enforces entitlements, helping to maintain order between users, roles, and resources while increasing security. Users are assigned roles and entitled to specific resources, and Entitlement Management determines what actions they can take within the application or network. Centralized access policy ensures that new or updated rules are automatically applied to all applications.

Generating strong and unique passwords for users and resources reinforces security. A password generator can create and manage strong passwords according to specific policies set by the organization. These policies may include what characters are allowed, how many times they can repeat, how many are required, and how they are positioned.

Automatic User Provisioning using Microsoft Entra ID

When configured, Microsoft Entra ID automatically provisions and deprovisions users to Jellyfish using the Microsoft Entra provisioning service. For important details on what this service does, how it works, and frequently asked questions, see Configure Jellyfish for automatic user provisioning.

  • Create users in Jellyfish.
  • Remove users in Jellyfish when they do not require access anymore.
  • Keep user attributes synchronized between Microsoft Entra ID and Jellyfish.
  • Single sign-on to Jellyfish (recommended).