The Cyber Security Command and Control Platform

The Jellyfish Factory

With Jellyfish® organisations can achieve precision control over vulnerabilities. The holistic interface aggregates numerous security services and products to provide full Credential Management alongside Identity and Access Management.

What is Jellyfish?

Jellyfish® is an innovative cyber security platform offering single pane of glass visibility. Jellyfish unifies existing architectures to create a secure ecosystem across your organisation. As your security requirements grow, Jellyfish evolves, future-proofing your organisation.

Single Pane of Glass

Jellyfish is a fully integrated Cyber Security Command and Control System that gives you a number of base security services all in one single glass pane. With Jellyfish one interface connects disparate components such as IdaM, PKI, OTP, SSO, Password Management, LACS, PACS, LDAP, DB, MDM, Monitoring and Audit.

Full Credential, Identity, and Access Management

Jellyfish creates granular visibility through its single pane of glass interface. Using Jellyfish, organisations are given the tools they need to make better access control decisions and spot vulnerabilities. Jellyfish’s aggregation of Identity and Access Management and full Credential Management addresses mission-critical needs regarding access and provides organisations with the secure resources needed for agility undertaking new initiatives.

Modular, Agile, and Integrated

Jellyfish is purpose-built to handle complexity. Designed as an integrated, cohesive stack, Jellyfish can evolve with your security requirements. Each module is created with connectivity and emerging technologies in mind. Jellyfish is the ultimate agile cyber-security platform.

Jellyfish Features

The Challenges

Technical Landscape is one of Change

Growth in Connection to Digital Services

Growth in Mobile Devices

Access to Data Day and Night From Anywhere in the World

Our Solution is Jellyfish