Certificate Lifecycle Management


What is Certificate Lifecycle Management?

Cogito’s Certificate Lifecycle Management prevents unplanned outages by managing certificate expiry. Importantly it builds the relationship between the device, application or service and the certificates. This makes our application business outcome centric.

The Certificate Lifecycle Management functionality automates certificate creation for:

  • SCEP: Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol
  • AE: Auto Enrol
  • API: Application Programming Interface
  • ACME: Automated Certificate Management Environment
  • ACME+: Automated Certificate Management Environment Plus (Enhanced features)
  • CMP: Certificate Management Protocol

It utilises Discovery tools and build relationships with certificates to make managing and reporting far better and service centric.

The Benefits

Reduce capex/opex

Modern microservice approach works with existing/future systems

Better situation awareness resulting in less outages

Automate security functions 

Dynamically adapts to new threats 

Software or as a Service 

Can solve more than the Certificate Management pain point

Certificate Capability

  • Automation (e.g. Certificates for Windows, Linux, Network Equipment, etc)
  • Integrations with other platforms (e.g. ServiceNow, Remedy/BMC, Digicert, Lets Encrypt).
  • Notifications
  • Boolean Search
  • Reporting
  • Manual Cert issuance
  • Anonymous capability
  • Cert Discovery and CA Polling

Download our CLM Fact Sheet below