Certificate Automation

Cogito’s Certificate Automation Services prevent certificate outages and makes life easier for the business and its employees

Most certificates are automated, but users will receive notifications about the expiry of any non-automated certificates. The Cogito Group certificate automation service:

  • Verifies and secures the details within certificate requests.
  • Monitors and reports on certificates under management throughout their lifetime.
  • Automatically discovers unmanaged certificates and bring them under management
  • Automates the issuance and renewal of certificates wherever possible and appropriate.

Certificate Automation Options

  • Microsoft Automatic Enrolment Protocol (AE) both old and new versions.
  • ACME and ACME+
  • SCEP
  • ITSM (eg Service Now)
  • JF Portal (for manual issuance)
  • Cert Discovery and CA Polling

Cogito Certificate Automation Tools


Cogito Group’s Jellyfish REST API allows integrations of other products through a programmatic interface. The API calls are supplied to customers in the event of a custom app, but many applications and devices are already provided for. The Jellyfish portal itself uses these calls meaning anything you can do in the web portal, you can do through the JF REST API.

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