Richard Brown features in the APAC CIO Outlook magazine

Cogito Group’s Managing Director, Richard Brown, was interviewed by APAC CIO Outlook. He was asked to speak about how to safeguard Organisations with Cloud security services.

Richard explains about our product Jellyfish and how it solves the problems that we see customers have with managing and protecting data. “Increasingly we are seeing workers that are mobile; applications are in the ‘cloud’ and access to networks through a much broader range of devices. We also need to access this data in more sophisticated ways. Many organisations however, still rely heavily in what we refer to as ‘legacy’ systems. Often these critical systems were never designed to integrate with other systems and applications. Security tools that don’t talk to one another can create huge security gaps. A lot of organisations apply the bandaid solution of writing adhoc custom code that partially addresses these issues, but this is costly to maintain and manage.  Jellyfish has been designed to tackle all these issues through integrating disparate systems and can actually make the whole more than the sum of its parts.”

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Image credit to APAC CIO Magazine