Public Key Enabling (PKE)

Your PKI can often be a severely underutilised capability within your IT landscape

Public Key Enabling (PKE) is a term used to describe the process of changing systems to utilise Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). It is the incorporation of the use of certificates for security services such as authentication, confidentiality, data integrity, and non-repudiation.

Organisations taking steps to add PKI often do so to meet a point need such as adding HTTPS security to internal websites. PKI, however, can provide much higher value to the business than most organisations realise. Where the investment in PKI has already been made, additional major capability and security benefits can be realised for almost no capital or ongoing costssecurity

How can I use my PKI?

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To ensure the authenticity of an individual, application or device

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Ensuring that information can be kept private

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That information cannot be manipulated without this being obvious to the recipient

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The creator or sender cannot disown the information or claim they did not create or send the information

Authentication Enabling


PKI ensures greater authentication of people with soft or physical to logical & physical systems.


PKI ensures greater authentication of devices – esp. when connecting to networks, zero-trust model.

Icon of laptop and globe to demonstrate websites


PKI ensures greater authentication of web sites, applications, services & APIs.

icon image with arrows to demonstrate cloud technology


PKI enables stronger authentication needed for cloud environments.

Confidentiality Enabling

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PKI ensures greater level of auditing for compliance standads

Icon of hardware and key to demonstrate encryption


Database encryption – e.g. Transparent Data Encryption

Icon of shield to demonstrate security


Secure communication channels – TLS in websites, apps, VPNs, etc

icon to demonstrate email


Confidentiality enables secure email

Integrity and Non-Repudiation

icon of laptop and shield to demonstrate web security


PKI protects web and other services and avoids being able to spoof a website

icon for device trust

Device Trust

PKI enables device trust – Trusting Laptops, Mobiles, industrial equipment, etc

icon for digital signing

Digital Signing

PKI enables digital Document Signing and thereby ensuring document source and integrity

Icon for code signing

Code Signing

PKI enables code signing. It is verifying the source and integrity of software

Download our Public Key Enabling Fact Sheet below

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