On Premises PKI

Is it worth investing your capital into a PKI that is in an on-premise environment?

Organisations that don’t specialise in PKI solutions are often challenged and do not have the necessary skills to establish a trustworthy and resilient PKI, particularly that can take into account complicated factors such as mobility, cloud computing, and Internet connected devices bring.

If you are looking at selecting a PKI that is on-premise rather than utilise cloud infrastructure, you will require a significant amount of upfront capital.

In addition to capital, an on-premise Certificate Authority means you will require a dedicated team to run your PKI. A PKI Team has a unique set of technology skills that cross IT, Policy and Governance. Experienced PKI resources are in short supply.

In your on-premise environment this team is responsible for all deployment related processes and maintenance.

Benefits of an On-Premise PKI


You control everything, the issuance process, the policy settings, the procedures and vetting of PKI team members.

Icon of elaborate key to demonstrate keys to the kingdom

Keys to the Kingdom

Critical data is kept in house. Configuration changes can be done to your scheduled timelines.

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Companies that store sensitive information can meet high-level security and privacy protocols within an on-premise environment.

Costs of an On-Premise PKI

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Finding and maintaining dedicated internal support with necessary skill set

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Ensuring up-to-date with maintenance, backups and technology

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Ensuring you can maintain the high data security standards. It is not set and forget

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Outright capital costs are expensive and there may also be a large amount of unforeseen and hidden costs

Mitigate burden of on-premise PKI

through as a Service Options

Cogito provide our clients with on-premises and as a Service PKI solutions that can support small or large numbers of users, devices, software applications, business systems, and organisations across simple or complex eco systems. We provide our clients with solutions that ensure data remains in country and services are provided by security cleared citizens.

Cogito Group can meet the complex challenge any deployed PKI, whether it is on-premise, cloud or hybrid combination. We specialise in this niche area and have skilled, security cleared citizens to provide these services.

Benefits of a hybrid PKI include:

✓ Straight forward implementation

✓ Cost effective

✓ Access to skilled resources

✓ No change management or technical constraints

✓ Zero Trust environment

Download our On Premises PKI Fact Sheet below

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