Join us for Breakfast

Cogito Group along with Entrust Datacard are hosting a breakfast on Tuesday 25th October 2016 at Hotel Realm in Canberra.

The morning will be focused on ensuring trusted access for a connected and evolving world.

Richard Brown, Managing Director of Cogito Group will present on Cloud Security.  Enterprise-level protection is now possible at costs that make it accessible to organisations of all sizes. Importantly cloud security services are able to adopt new innovative technologies, such as improved threat protection, without waiting for an upgrade cycle. He will explore the Authentication as a Service case study adopted by the New Zealand Government.

Evan O’Regan, Director of Product management for Authentication at Entrust Datacard,  will present a short session on how the world is in the midst of real changes that will fundamentally transform the way organizations handle authentication in consumer, enterprise and citizen applications; and outline how identity-based security is needed to offer more security, simplicity and a new and better user experience. Leveraging his experience on authentication in the US, Canada and Europe Evan will speak on the move to mobile and truly secure identities.

Jay Schiavo, Director of Products and Markets at Entrust Datacard , will present on the changing world of SSL. He will go into how the technology, the needs, and browser requirements and displays have all changed. He will also touch on how customer expectations have transformed and with that how CAs have changed and transformed to meet these. We will give an overview of these changes, what it means to you, and what you should be doing to mitigate risk and securely deploy SSL

7.30am – 7.40am: Seating and introduction

7.40am – 8.05am: Richard Brown, Managing Director of Cogito Group

8.05am – 8.30am: Jay Shiavo, Director of Product Management Entrust Certificate Services

8.30am – 8.55am: Evan O’Regan, Director of Product Management for Authentication

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