Join us at the Digital Business Forum

Digital transformation is changing the way we consume goods and services, with Gartner predicting there will be 25 billion connected things by 2020.

As businesses and governments make more offerings available online and via devices, there is a need to adopt new business models that can effectively manage these digital interactions with customers, prospects and citizens.

“By 2020 we should be aiming for a Digital Identity for all citizens” Richard Brown, Managing Director of Cogito Group stated.

“Australian citizens will need to rely on the implementation of a reliable Digital Identity, ensuring a good level of Trust in the internet and the mobile devices of the future, with interoperable authentication and signature solutions, through the implementation of secure portable devices (“secure elements”), such as PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) SIM cards, identity cards, and driving licenses with microchips, as well as many other innovative devices.

To achieve this, the implementation of a Digital Identity Policy, relying on the technical frameworks of member state, territories and Australian Government and enabling Australia-wide interoperability is essential.”

Richard Brown will be speaking at the forum on The Digital Identity in 2020.

There will be other industry leaders speaking on a range of topics:

  • Why organisations are building digital businesses to drive revenue
  • How to build digital ecosystems that prioritise user privacy and consent
  • How to manage the relationship between users, devices and things
  • Why continuous security is essential across channels
  • Why identity is the foundation of digital business

To learn how you can take advantage of digital ecosystems, join us as we partner with Forgerock, Peter Carr Advisory and Datacom for the Digital Business Forum in Sydney and Canberra.


8.30am Registration
9.00am Welcome Address
Sumal Karunanayake, SVP APJ, ForgeRock
9.05am How the Digital Economy is Transforming our Understanding of Identity
Peter Carr, Chief Executive, Peter Carr Advisory
9.50am The Digital Transformation of Identity
Allan Foster, VP APJ CTO, ForgeRock
10.20am Morning Tea
10.30am Identity-Centric Business Transformation: Differentiator or Fundamental?
Tim Ransom, Digital Identity Solution Business Manager, Datacom
11.00am The Digital Identity in 2020
Richard Brown, Managing Director, Cogito Group
11.30am Executive Panel – Hosted by Peter Carr
Allan Foster, Tim Ransom and Richard Brown
12.00pm Peer Networking Lunch
12.30pm Event Closure

Event details

  • Tuesday 20 October 2015
  • Doltone House – Hyde Park
  • 8.30am – 12.30pm
  • Cost: complimentary
  • Register here.
  • Thursday 22 October 2015
  • Hotel Realm
  • 8.30am – 12.30pm
  • Cost: complimentary
  • Register here.


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