Internal hacks on the rise

This news should not be surprising to CEO’s or CIO’s given how easy is it to steal a username or password from another staff member. And you don’t need to be a computer wiz to be successful.

We know Snowden may have persuaded between 20 and 25 fellow workers at the NSA regional operations centre in Hawaii to give him their logins and passwords simply by telling them they were needed for him to do his job as a computer systems administrator.

Unfortunately you don’t need Snowden’s charm or work in the IT department to be successful – your internal hack could be done by anyone.

This YouTube video shows how easy it is to steal a username and password (using Crack Password) from another employee.

Insiders, both current and former employees, have become the most cited culprits of cyber crime – and the numbers of incidents are growing each year.

Many companies do not have an insider threat program in place and therefore, not prepared to prevent, detect and respond to internal threats.

And yet, the solution to this growing problem is just as easy: investing in multi-factor authentication, such as smart card login.


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