Cogito Group are members of the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA).  We were asked to participate in a member insight video for AIIA which will inform you about Cogito Group and share some insights of things that matter to us.

Bernadette Brown, Marketing Manager from Cogito Group, explains that we use enabling technology which keep your physical, logical and cloud based data and infrastructure safe.

“Cogito Group protect the authentication methods used to access information through the use of Identity based technologies. Cogito Group protect data not only from unauthorized access and disclosure, but also from being altered by an unauthorized third party or a trusted insider with malicious intent. This assists in the detection and prevention of fraud or other malicious activities by third parties or trusted insiders.”

Throughout the video we are asked insightful questions from Suzanne Campbell, Chief Executive Officer of AIIA.  Some of the questions asked were:

  • What is your view about the role of digital technology in driving growth, productivity, competitiveness and overall social benefit?
  • 5 key policy priority areas that AIIA are focusing on this year: Skills, Innovation, Government Digitisation, Privacy and Security and Internet of Things. Which of these 5 priority areas is most important to Cogito Group?

Click here to find out the answers and watch the video.