Can derived credentials replace CAC’s?

“When the White House released Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 in 2004, mandating the development and use of an interoperable smart ID card for government employees and contractors, government leaders never could have foreseen the mobile revolution that has overtaken the government. Designed to verify a users’ identity and enable access to secure facilities and networks, Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards and Common Access Cards (CAC), are widely used throughout the government by both federal civilian and defense personnel as part of a multi-factor authentication approach. However, with the explosion of mobile computing – and the BYOD movement – many government employees are conducting business on smartphones, tablets and mobile devices that are not equipped with integrated PIV and CAC card readers. These mobility products don’t share the same level of security as desktops, laptops and even the newer 2-in-1 computers, which puts sensitive government information at risk. “

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Article from Defence Systems – Author Kevin Fitfal, Steve Taylor