Actsmart Business Recycling Program

Cogito Group is recognised as a business that is actively recycling and being environmentally responsible. 

We contacted the Actsmart business recycling program to help us reduce costs, reduce impacts on the environment and meet corporate environmental commitments.

We are excited to be able to put efficient recycling and waste management into action. 

The steps that we needed to gain accreditation were to conduct simple waste summaries, develop a waste management plan, educate staff, monitor progress and complete reporting.

Although we considered ourselves environmentally friendly before we contacted Actsmart, we wanted to ensure we were taking all the right steps in our Canberra office.  Staff training was key to promote implementation of our goal. With adequate signage around our office, we found that our staff were more aware of where they should place their waste.  We are aiming to implement our changes into all of our offices throughout Australia and New Zealand.  

There are over 900 businesses across the ACT and Queanbeyan that are Actsmart business recyclers, including National Library of Australia, GIO stadium and East Hotel. We are proud to be one of those businesses.


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