The Australian Government is undertaking a Cyber Security Review

The Australian Government is undertaking a Cyber Security Review.  The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet is leading the Review and is consulting broadly across governments, industry and academia to support the Review.

The objectives of the review are to :

  • look to the future of the Internet, assess the risks and tell us how to make our online systems more resilient to attack;
  • examine how government and industry can best team up to defend ourselves jointly from those who want to harm us in cyber space;
  • assess how Government protects its own networks and the information it holds on behalf of the Australian people, and how to best protect critical infrastructure;
  • consider ways to better engage with international cyber security forums to further Australia’s interests and ways to cement our leadership on cyber security within our region; and
  • look for ways to better address Australia’s cyber security skills needs, including attracting more women to the discipline, and support the Australian community to better understand their role in securing their interaction with cyberspace.

AISA have identified the key challenges Australia is facing in cyber security is poor information sharing, followed by failure at the executive level.  The report also points out that 87% believe the government should require security professionals to be accredited to a profession.

For a quick summary of the AISA Cyber Security Review follow this link: