Reseller agreement with Certified Security Solutions

Cogito Group, today announced a partnership with Certified Security Solutions (CSS), a US based leading provider of certificate and PKI management software.

Richard Brown, CEO, Cogito Group said the organisation was committed to providing its customers with dynamic innovative solutions that protect against a wide array of security threats.

“Security is an ongoing process that requires constant investigation, updates and improvements – it is by no means ‘set and forget’. As cyber threats become more sophisticated and targeted, it is important enterprises have a strong security foundation that can be enhanced and built on,” Mr Brown said.

“We partner with dynamic organisations, like CSS that offer practical, effective security solutions.

“The recent release of their CMS 4.0 solution is an example of this. Their CMS product offering is a comprehensive solution, grounded by utmost security principles and best practices around Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and digital certificate management.”

Ted Shorter, Chief Technology Officer at CSS said there are three key industry trends that are driving the need for secure digital identity.

“The emergence of BYOD ‘bring your own device’ computing; the federated internet, where application services are connected over public networks; and the emergence of the ‘Internet of Things’ where IP and OS enabled devices are providing a flood of sensor derived data from medical, utility, manufacturing and other uses,”

“The trends are driving massive infrastructure development across the enterprise, but the underlying mechanism that drives the secure connectivity between all these scenarios is public/private key infrastructure (PKI).

“We partner with international specialists, like Cogito Group, that understand the need for secure digital identity. The Australian market, given its level of ICT sophistication is an ideal match for our product offerings.”


Cogito Group is an award-winning ICT company specialising in authentication, cloud security, identity management and data protection. Cogito Group protect the authentication methods used to access information through the use of Identity and other security technologies.