Largest Ever Delegation of Australian Cyber Security Companies make the trip to North America

Austrade, in partnership with AustCyber, the Australian State and Territory Governments, and Data61, organised the 2018 Australian Cyber Security Mission to USA. The purpose of the mission was to build relationships with leading cyber security, technology firms and government agencies, showcase our capabilities in a global market, engage in the discussion with leading multinational corporations and accelerators, and to promote Australia’s Cyber Security credentials.This was also an opportunity for delegates to attend the RSA Conference in San Francisco to learn about new approaches to info security, discover the latest technology and interact with top security leaders and pioneers.

Cogito Group were one of more than 60 Australian cyber security delegates. Other mission delegates included representatives from Aleron, the Australian Computer Society (ACS), BankVault, Cyrise, Datasec Solutions, Deakin University, Forticode, Kasada, SAAB Australia, Vault Systems, and many more.

During the US trip, Richard Brown, Chief Executive Officer of Cogito Group, took the opportunity to pitch Jellyfish – Cogito Group’s cyber security single pane of glass software solution to a global market. In Washington, Jellyfish was presented to Northrop Grumman and Leidos.

In San Francisco, Richard Brown took part in Maryland RSA Pitch Competition for International Companies hosted by iCyberCentre, pitching Jellyfish to an elite panel of Maryland Investors, Corporate Executive, and Economic Development Support Partners.

The pitches cumulated in San Francisco, at the Australian Cyber Security Demo Day, where Jellyfish was presented to experts from in cyber security from organisations including: Woman in Security and Privacy (WISP), CISCO Systems, Trident Capital Cybersecurity, SINET, and VP Symantec Ventures.

The 2018 Australian Cyber Security Mission to USA rounded off with a visit to Silicon Valley, where Cogito Group were lucky enough to visit NASA’s Ames Research Centre. It was a fascinating opportunity to hear about cloud computing, explore the power of mega data visualisation, and to see Google and NASA’s Quantum Computer – the world’s first commercial Quantum computer, which operates at 100 million times faster than a conventional computer chip.

The 2018 Australian Cyber Security Mission to the USA was made a success due to efforts from AustradeUSA and AustCyber, we would like to extend a thank you to those organisations for creating pathways for Australian SMEs to become part of the global conversation.