Email Encryption | CogLOCK

Email Encryption (Outlook Desktop) | CogLOCK

Email gateway encryption allows organisations to encrypt their emails before it gets stored on the Microsoft server. This video shows you how email gateway encryption is applied to the Outlook Desktop App.

Email Encryption (Outlook Online) | CogLOCK

This video shows sending emails, receiving emails, and searching for emails using the email encryption proxy Outlook Web App, and compares these operations against the non-proxied Outlook Web App, showing that the data is encrypted when not accessing it through the email encryption proxy.

Email Encryption (Outlook on Web Application) | CogLOCK

The Outlook desktop application can also use the email encryption proxy, with no extra setup required. This means that an organisation can easily integrate email encryption into their current 0365 services. This video demonstrates sending and receiving emails using the Outlook desktop that is connected to the Microsoft O365 service, and then comparing the outcomes of these events, showing that connecting directly to O365 means the data is not getting decrypted.