Certificate Agents | CogCERTAgents

DigiCert | cogCERTforDIGICERT

This video demonstrates how to request DigiCert certificates from Jellyfish. The request process can be completed through either generating CSR or uploading CSR. The video then also demonstrates how to validate a DigiCert request on Jellyfish.

F5TM | CogCERTforf5 

This video demonstrates the manual creation of a certificate in an F5 device. Jellyfish supports automatic issuance of certificates to F5 devices as well based on factors such as expiry, but this cannot be shown as there is no user interaction required for the fully automatic issuance to occur. 


This video  shows an integration of Jellyfish with BMC Remedy and other BMC products. Through BMC, a request can be submitted directly to Jellyfish (for example, as part of a service request or change), and the signed certificate is returned to BMC for download in BMC.

This integration is flexible as Cogito provide a standard library for deployment into BMC products. This library can be easily installed and subsequently attached to BMC processes, providing standard inputs and outputs for certificate issuance that can be bound to any field or function in BMC.

The video shows an example issuance process with immediate issuance and retrieval of a Web Server certificate, collecting standard certificate attributes with some optional Subject Alternative Names. The issued certificate in this example is delivered to the requestor as a zip file, with the PKCS#12 format certificate (with both public and private key), a PKIX format certificate, and the original PKCS#10 certificate request that was submitted.

Jellyfish integration can be performed via two approaches: One with immediate approval for pre-approved domains (as shown in the video), and one with additional approval step before issuance: Additional steps can easily be integrated through capturing and utilising the Transaction ID that Jellyfish provides during issuance.

ServiceNow® | CogCERTforSERVICENOW

To request certificates from Jellyfish through the ServiceNow environment, simply navigate to the Jellyfish application within ServiceNow. From there, request a new certificate, fill in the details required in the issued certificate, fill in the details required in the issued certificate and the password to protect the file containing the private key, and click submit. Once the request has been submitted, check back on your request to see the download button enabled. Download the P12 file and install it on your computer or the machine the certificate was intended for.