Alerting Module (Overview) | Cogtrack

In this tutorial we demonstrate how to enter the alerting overview webpage. This feature encompasses alerts from Endpoint Security services (Anti-Virus/Malware), Audit (SIEM) services, Physical Access Control Systems, any Domain Violations detected from certificate authorities. Endpoint security alerts will ensure you maintain visibility of any malicious events or outdated endpoints. Audit events including account lockouts, failed login attempts, and any other significant event you wish to configure. PACs alerts include events where users may attempt to access unauthorised areas, forget to swipe in/out of zones and the creation/removal of access. Domain Violations alerts provide oversight over the issuance of certificates inside and outside of trusted, known domains so that actions can be taken accordingly.

This feature also illustrates the status of your entire infrastructure, as well as any outstanding alerts or issues with services, hosts, and any other checks you may be performing on your environment. At a glance you can see your overall system health to quickly respond to any issues that arise.