Anonymous Portal Module (Upload CSR) | CogAnon

The anonymous portal allows a certificate to be obtained without authenticating the Jellyfish website. 

There is a three-step process to obtain a certificate without authenticating to the Jellyfish website. First, access the anonymous portal and follow the menus to upload an existing CSR that you’ve generated outside of the Jellyfish interface. This will send you and the default list of approvers for your tenancy an email containing the details of the certificate request you just submitted, and an ID that approvers can use to find your request. Second, an approver will log into Jellyfish and follow the menus to find and approve your request, as identified by the ID in the email. This will send an email to you informing you of the approval, and giving you a new ID to use in retrieving the approved certificate. Third, access the anonymous portal and follow the menus to check the status of your request. This will allow you to download the certificate completing the transaction.