Cogito Welcomes its Newest Regional Intern

In October 2019 Cogito welcomed its latest regional intern, Damian Bragg. Bragg comes to us from Wagga, after applying for the internship program online.

Bragg found the internship to be an exciting opportunity as he had previously been awarded a Diploma and then Master’s degree in the I.T field. He brings an interesting mix of experience to the role, having worked in Computer Aided Design, and will also recieve the opportunity to learn new skills:

“There’s so many aspects of development that I’ve never been exposed to in the past,” Bragg says. “Everyone’s been very helpful with familiarising me with the systems and processes.”

Cogito offers the Regional Internship Program as way to further the development of ICT skills in regional areas. For interns looking to gain employment in the developing area of technology and infrastructure, internships like these can offer opportunities for skill development and career progression.

For many in regional areas the experience needed for entry-level jobs in skilled work sectors can be difficult to come by, leaving a gap between workers and employment opportunities.

“It’s really gratifying to be able to assist great people to get into the field they want to be in. It’s even better to have those great people in our team.” said Cogito’s director, Richard Brown.

Cogito’s regional internship program offers a committed way to close this gap and provide that much-needed experience for workers looking to upskill and bring these skills back to their areas.

The ICT sector is one of the biggest  areas for future economic growth in Australia, with digital innovation  providing an potential $315 billion boost in economic value (CSIRO) should we realise the opportunity.

A report from AusCyber estimated that Australia will need 18,000 additional cyber security workers by 2026. Cogito Group takes pride in aiding in the development of this sector as a whole and helping future ICT professionals in their career.

Our internship not only provides valuable hands on experience, but mentorship and industry experience that can be taken back to regional areas. Training within this sector is vital to ensure Australia’s expertise remains holistic across all areas of the country.

If you are interested in applying for future opportunities within Cogito Group’s regional internship program you can do so via our careers page.


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