Cogito Group and New Zealand Government announces TaaS partnership

Cogito Group, an Australian owned and operated ICT company, that specialises in identity management and data protection has been selected by the NZ Government as a supplier to the TaaS panel to provide a fully managed Public Key Infrastructure service.

The service will provide a ‘Whole of Government’ solution to New Zealand whereby its agencies and departments will be able to select the level of security and assurance they require for the establishment of trusted identities and services within their organisation.

Richard Brown, Cogito Group Managing Director said, “This is a new innovative service that will bring a unified approach to security across all government agencies for New Zealand. The service will enable secure interagency collaboration by providing trusted identity, authentication and authorisation mechanisms. The PKI service will further enable inter-agency trust through the provision of credentials and digital signatures.”

The innovative technology includes:

  • support for new devices and software
  • developing encryption and security protocols
  • enhanced support for new threat protection
  • advances in cloud security protection
  • enhanced authentication and identity solution
  • data and identity brokerage services

“The global technological landscape is one of permanent change. While connections to digital services and technology grow and become more sophisticated, data generated by those connections will be a challenge to manage and protect.  The ‘enabling’ technologies that we will provide to TaaS are designed to create a future ready foundation that is modular, forward-looking and delivers security, usability and cost effectiveness.” Richard Brown stated.

The TaaS supplier panel will provide a range of cross-government telecommunications and managed security services sourced from a competitive, innovative market which are easy for agencies to access, and assist agencies to provide better public services.

The panel is administered by the Government Chief Information Officer at the Department of Internal Affairs, and reflects the goals of the Government ICT Strategy and Action Plan.

Cogito Group are cyber security experts and specialise in ‘enabling technology’ that keeps your physical, logical and cloud based infrastructure safe.

Cogito Group protect the authentication methods used to access information through the use of Identity and other security technologies. Cogito Group protect data not only from unauthorized access and disclosure, but also from being altered by an unauthorized third party or a trusted insider with malicious intent. This assists in the detection and prevention of fraud or other malicious activities by third parties or trusted insiders.

“Cogito Group are problem solvers, system integrators, engineers, technologists and innovators. Our clients do not want a static solution, but rather one that evolves and improves over time. Our products and services are unique due to our market expertise.” Richard Brown said.

To read the New Zealand Government’s announcement click here.


Cogito Group is an award-winning ICT company specialising in authentication, cloud security, identity management and data protection. Cogito Group protect the authentication methods used to access information through the use of Identity and other security technologies.