Protecting online resources and information is time consuming, arduous and (let’s face it) boring. But individual users, businesses and their employees can all takes small steps in their daily actions to solve information security concerns on a larger scale.

Although it may not appear as such, the world of cybersecurity has made a lot of progress towards protecting networks, computers and mobile devices in the last several years. For example, 63 percent of confirmed data breaches each year occur due to weak, default or stolen passwords. Since then, public awareness around the limitations of passwords for data protection is increasing and people are turning to multi-factor authentication as a tool to secure accounts.

Integrating multi-factor authentication is one of many simple steps any individual – at home or at work – can take to make a difference in securing data. The National Institute for Standards and Technology has published a list of of 6 cybersecurity steps you can take today to make a big impact on your online safety, check them out in the infographic below:

Cogito Group

Cogito Group

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Cogito Group is an award-winning cybersecurity company specialising in authentication, cloud security, identity management and data protection. Cogito Group protect the authentication methods used to access information through the use of Identity and other security technologies.

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